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Ron Brillantes

I've know Patti Fox for the last 5 years, first through our shared interest in golf but more importantly are shared interest in the arts. It's difficult for me to consider Patti a peer or fellow artist; she's more like a mentor in that her artwork and her life provide me with inspiration to create but to also share and help others to create and enjoy art. Becoming a supporter of the Fox Collaborative would be a privilege for me and I would be happy to assist the group in any way possible.

I'm an IT Professional by day and the last 6 years have chosen to work in non-profit health care. First with Vista Community Clinic helping to serve the low-income population of North County and most recently with Rady Children's Hospital serving the pediatric needs of the region. 

Giving back to the community is why I chose my career path, and is also why I volunteer with the CA GSP Rescue to promote my dog's breed but also provide education about the breed but also about adopting from any rescue as opposed to buying puppies and likewise about responsibility through spay & neutering.

It's also why I mentor graduating students from my alma mater, SDSU. I feel that these students can benefit from my career path choices but also learn from my life lessons.

Becoming a Fox Collaborative supporter would enable me to give back to the local art community in a way other than attending art shows and theater performances do. It would give me a hands-on approach, much like the other things listed above provide.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Kim Niehans

www.kimniehansart. com

Anasa Matthews

"Someone told me I was to old to "just blow with the wind." I laughed... it's called waiting on God.

Raised in Ohio and moved to California for graduate school at USC to completing my Master's in Social Work and Public Health."

See some of Jordan's work at his website and blog

Jordan Emont

Jordan is a former student of Patti Fox, now living in Philadelphia. He recently completed his Master of Public Health degree at Yale University and is now studying at Bryn Mawr in the process of applying to medical school. Nevertheless, he has continued his photography, pursuing a weekly photo exploration of Philadelphia called "Photodelphia".

See some of Jordan's work at his website and blog

Rachel Dukes

Rachel Dukes is a 2013 MFA graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies. She has drawn comics for BOOM! Studios (Garfield, Steven Universe), Mitch Clem’s As You Were, and is a regular contributor to anthologies and fanzines. Despite her attempts to avoid being a cat-lady, her most popular strips always feature her cat. Her first self-published mini-comic of those strips, Frankie Comics, was a winner of the 2013 Art Exchange program by Marc Calvary.

Rachel is a recent transplant to Los Angeles where she continues to self-publish comics and comic anthologies. She can be contacted directly at

Chet Cannon

"Chet and The Committee good time swinging blues and rocking boogie!

Mostly just out here trying to play the blues for all of you fine folks."